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Bug tracking system will now discard all bounced mail

I am going to reconfigure the bug tracking system so that any bounces
of the messages it sends out will be discarded.  The level of
misconfiguration and general braindamage has become so large that this
has become necessary; in the past, I would investigate and chase up
people/sites sending broken mail.  However, nowadays I get about 5 of
these bounces a day (the number varies wildly), and I have _never_ had
a positive response from the system admins I've contacted in this way.

In the future, therefore, all bounced mail will be thrown away.  This
 * Undeliverable acks to new bug reports.
 * Undeliverable copies of bug reports sent to maintainers.
 * Messages intended for debian-* lists but bounced because of a
   problem with the listserver.
 * Undeliverable `this bug has been closed' messages to original
   reporters, maintainers or closers.
 * Undeliverable replies to control@bugs and request@bugs mail.
 * Undeliverable messages sent to maintainers to inform them of status
   changes regarding their bug reports.
 * Undeliverable mail resulting from X-Debian-CC headers.

The messages whose bounces are thrown away _will_ be displayed on the
HTML pages in the usual way.

If you think you ought to have got a mail check the HTML pages to see
if it was sent.  If they don't record it as having been sent then
please check that you understand what's going on, and report the
problem if there is one.  If they show that a message was sent, but
none was received by you, please check your mail configuration (pay
particular attention to the address that the HTML pages say the
message was sent to) and contact owner@bugs if you do not find the

If there is demand I may arrange for the barfmail to be made available
in the HTML pages as a third page for each report instead of just
throwing it away.

I can't get to master at the moment to make this change, so in the
meantime I'll just delete the barfmail I'm getting unread.


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