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Re: Documentation Policy

James R. Van Zandt:
> Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> proposes:
> >
> >     The documentation will be distributed via several packages:
> >
> >           foo-doc-html      for HTML docs
> >           foo-doc-info      for GNU info docs (where available)
> >           foo-doc-xxx       for other formats (only where appropriate)
> >
> We already have over 900 packages.  This could double or even triple
> the total.

Also, it seems very ridiculous to me to make a whole new package for a
single info file. For example, cthugha installs a 16k info file.

I haven't been following this thread closely (catching up on mail backlog
after vacation), but the reason I've heard why it's not acceptable to ship
only info files and convert to html on the fly is because the converter in
dwww that does this produces crappy output. Why not just replace it with a
better converter? This dicussion smells to me of making policy to work
around a technical problem.

see shy jo

I've been on vacation - sorry for any delay in this email.

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