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Re: GCC cross-compilation

Mark Eichin wrote:
> Hmm.  While there are *particular* problems doing 32->64 bit cross
> compilation, doing any 32->32 compilation is probably *quite* solid.
> (In particular, compilers targeting the 68k are probably *better* than
> the x86 native compiler -- because we've [we==Cygnus] actually had a
> lot of paying 68k customers over the years funding development and bug
> fixing...)

Sure, it's probably safe, and I agree that gcc generates better m68k
code than i386 code.  But until somebody produces 100% reliable
emulators for all Debian targets, we're probably better off not using
cross-compilers for main distribution stuff.

However, it does seem that people want cross-compilers, and I have no
objection to making them available.  Pre-packaged compilers should
probably also have the basic development environment as well:  libc6 at
minimum, perhaps ncurses as well.


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