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Re: Hamm: Retracting request for chos to be standard

On Jun 23, Erik B. Andersen wrote
: > 
: friendly as chos, fine, I will use it.  I doubt I will be making a
: switch really soon though. How hard would it be to hack bzImage
: support into chos?  That is the only real problem with chos, right?
: Are there any other features lacking from it that make it unusable
: by Debian?  I can certainly attest to the fact that this is one 
: piece of software that passes the wife test!

Just sitting and waiting is wife proof too ;-)  This way
I installed lilo.  Having in mind that's quite easy to tell users
of the unmentionable ``OS'' that they simply should wait (the lilo 
message option does this quite well) and knowing, that, if I use
the Linux soul of my machine, I boot once at beginning of my work and
stop once if all is done ..., so typing ``linux'' is not too hard for me.

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