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RE: GCC cross-compilation

Does this mean I could upload all architecture version for my packages?
If so yes, I think it's useful.


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>Subject:	Re: GCC cross-compilation
>Hamish Moffatt wrote:
>>                                   It occurred to
>> me that since most of the Debian packages
>> are also available for m68k and also
>> Sparc and Alpha now, the develops are probably
>> using cross-compilation, rather than actually
>> owning all these machines. 
>Nope.  What happens is most (single-cpu) developers upload the source
>and binaries for one architecture.  Then helpful and nice developers who
>own other machines upload binaries for their cpu, built from the source.
>>                           Is there a package
>> for eg the m68k cross compiler? I couldn't
>> find one with the package search on www.debian.org.
>I don't think so.  At least, not one I built.
>> Thinking about it, it would seem possible
>> to have a gcc-core package which would
>> include the gcc binary itself for
>There really isn't a "core" gcc package, just the native version.  gcc
>cross compilers wouldn't need any other gcc packages to be useful.
>> Is this plausible and/or useful?
>Plausible.  Would anybody else consider this useful?
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