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Re: Hamm: Retracting request for chos to be standard

>>>>> "Erik" == Erik B Andersen <andersee@et.byu.edu> writes:

 >> >>>>> "Christoph" == Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org> writes:
 Christoph> Lilo 2.0 has the ability to display a file before the
 Christoph> prompt and also the ability to boot something with a
 Christoph> single keystroke. If someone could update the lilo
 Christoph> package and provide a decent configuration then lilo
 Christoph> could also offer a nice menu on boot up so that newbies
 Christoph> are no longer irritated.
 >> I'll have a look at this.
 Christoph> Maybe lilo could also replace syslinux for the
 Christoph> bootdisks??
 >> As someone else already said, this would be a bad idea, since the advantage
 >> of syslinux is its DOS support.

 Erik> My wife likes chos because it offers a nice simple and friendly 
 Erik> and obvious like Windoze type of menu that lets her use the arrow
 Erik> keys to move a color menu bar onto the (unmentionable OS) selection
 Erik> a press enter.  This is very easy, and requires no domestic fighting.

Yes, I liked that feature of chos when I looked at it.

 Erik> I took a quick glance at the lilo 2.0 user's manual last night and 
 Erik> I wasn't convinced that the "message" feature was going to be a 
 Erik> nice simple and friendly and obvious like Windoze type of replacement.  
 Erik> chos is much better than booting Linux using loadlin from a certain 
 Erik> unmentionable OS, (which is how I used to not freak out my wife).  
 Erik> If the "message" feature of lilo 2.0 can make lilo as
 Erik> friendly as chos, fine, I will use it.  I doubt I will be making a

No, it certainly won't do that. :(

 Erik> switch really soon though. How hard would it be to hack bzImage
 Erik> support into chos?  That is the only real problem with chos, right?

Well, I have pretty specific requirements (which meant I had been
using lilo 17 until lately when 20 came out) - I need the feature
which can "hide" one DOS partition when you select another.

 Erik> Are there any other features lacking from it that make it unusable
 Erik> by Debian?  I can certainly attest to the fact that this is one 
 Erik> piece of software that passes the wife test!

I also believe that it can't/won't load its second-stage loader from
the second hard drive (i.e. BIOS drive 0x81). This really should be a
simple fix, however.

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