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Re: Experiences with compiling Debian

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> Galen Hazelwood:
> > The autoconf script is finding (I believe) the
> > msgfmt binary from xview-dev, which despite it's name has no connection
> > to locale support.
> Something needs to be fixed so that the package will build even with
> both installed. Probably autoconf.

Yes...well...maybe.  I think that xview made a stupid name choice for
that particular program, but autoconf needs to live with it somehow. 
Given a choice between msgfmt and xmsgfmt, it should choose the latter. 
Of course, that only works if gettext is installed.  
> I'm not saying it is a bug, but that's the reason it didn't build.
> If the package will build when the gcc source package is unpacked
> in a suitable place (gcc and g77 subdirectories have the same
> parent), then I see no problem. When we implement dependencies
> for source packages, we're going to need dependencies on both
> source and binary packages.

Again, yes.  I put a "README.DebianBuilders" in there to get people's
attention.  Source dependencies would be a lot more elegant.


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