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Re: Editor wars considered harmful

> > Show me a computer that can boot off a cdrom... and gimme a cdrom that
> > will boot up debian...  And Ill buy it like a shot.
> Most modern motherboards will boot an IDE CD-ROM in the "El Torrito" format.
> The Debian Official CD will boot into the installation system. No floppies,
> no LOADLIN, etc.
> 	Bruce

Where can I buy one?  Neither CheapBytes nor Linux Systems Labs have 
made an Official CD yet because they are (apparently) waiting for us 
to release Debian 1.3.1 with Xfree86 3.3 and last I heard people didn't 
want 3.3 to go into stable...  I know lsl has made TriLinux with 1.3,
but that doesn't have ANY source and won't boot.


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