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Re: Editor wars considered harmful

From: Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au>
> lots of people are learning still vi nowadays for pretty much the same
> reasons that they learnt it in the past: it's small, it's lean, it's
> fast, it's powerful, it does regular expressions, it's flexible, it's on
> every unix system (and many other systems too), AND it's the only thing
> that's actually USABLE over a slow network connection.

Don't scare me, Craig.

I'm afraid the question of putting a real editor on the base will be
taken seriously, and editor partisans will then start singing the paens
of their favorite editors: emacs, joe, ee, axe, beav, fte, jed, sam,
wily, xcoral, xwpe, etc.

> yes, there should be a veritable plethora of editors available for
> installation AFTER the base system is up and running. The more the
> better.
> The base system should have ae (or similar newbie editor like pico) and
> the smallest possible implementation of vi that works.

Drop the "vi", and we'll be in agreement, unless you can accept the
vi emulation written for "ae". Anyone who knows "vi" is competent to
bring up their system using "ae" and install "vi" from a package.

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