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Re: Debian-Policy Manual

On Jun 22, Kai Henningsen wrote
> chudon@ee.mcgill.ca (Christian Hudon)  wrote on 21.06.97 in <19970621145519.21205@pianocktail>:
> > Newbies should *not* be dumped into vi by default. It's just too
> > user-hostile.
> There's only one text mode editor that's not just as user-hostile, and  
> that's ae. That one seems to be completely unacceptable as a default to  
> most non-newbies.

Joe is much better, IMO, and it's very newbie-friendly.

> Now what?
> I think vi is indeed the right solution. People expect vi with Unix, and  
> if they want to configure something different, they always can.

I think that our default configuration must be newbie-friendly: if a expert
user will change the configuration, he will make it with no trouble.

> If you want to have something as idiot-accessible as Windows (note: I'm  
> not talking about system configuration here - that one is a nightmare on  
> Windows!), then you need to do everything in the GUI. In that case, it's  
> completely irrelevant what is the default text mode editor.

There are many newbie, that use Linux without X, for memory problems or for
taste questions: they're a "market" important for Linux, IMO.

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Francesco Tapparo

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