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Re: Debian-Policy Manual

chudon@ee.mcgill.ca (Christian Hudon)  wrote on 21.06.97 in <19970621145519.21205@pianocktail>:

> Newbies should *not* be dumped into vi by default. It's just too
> user-hostile.

There's only one text mode editor that's not just as user-hostile, and  
that's ae. That one seems to be completely unacceptable as a default to  
most non-newbies.

Now what?

I think vi is indeed the right solution. People expect vi with Unix, and  
if they want to configure something different, they always can.

If you want to have something as idiot-accessible as Windows (note: I'm  
not talking about system configuration here - that one is a nightmare on  
Windows!), then you need to do everything in the GUI. In that case, it's  
completely irrelevant what is the default text mode editor.

And remember, you can always override update-alternatives and change that  
default. You could even write a package that presents you with a menu of  
installed editors, and lets you choose which one to make the default.

MfG Kai

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