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Re: Hamm: Retracting request for chos to be standard

On Jun 21, Christoph Lameter wrote
> Lilo 2.0 has the ability to display a file before the prompt and also the
> ability to boot something with a single keystroke. If someone could update
> the lilo package and provide a decent configuration then lilo could also
> offer a nice menu on boot up so that newbies are no longer irritated.
> Maybe lilo could also replace syslinux for the bootdisks??

no !

syslinux is a goot thing, because you can modify the boot disk with dos.
this way is was able to replace the kernel (dos file "linux") with the
vmlinuz image from 2.0.30. i needed that to install linux on a computer
with a buslogic scsi controller (supported in 2.0.30, not in 2.0.29).

with lilo boot disk will maybe not have a dos format, and this way i
cannot do such things.

regards, andreas

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