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Re: Debian-Policy Manual

On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, David Frey wrote:

> > The files /usr/bin/{editor,pager} will be managed through alternatives.
> > Since alternatives can be changed by the sysadmin only, we allow the user
> > to define EDITOR and PAGER to override this.
> > 
> > That's why we need "sensible-{editor,pager}". These are two simply shell
> > scripts that test if EDITOR/PAGER is set and launches either that program,
> > or /usr/bin/{editor,pager}. 
> Im still confused. What do /usr/bin/{editor,pager} do then?
> Are they hard links to vi and more? Or equivalently trivial shell scripts
> of the form:
> #!/bin/sh
> /usr/bin/vi

I believe that the plan is to have them managed by update-alternatives,
and therefore be symlinks.  Less will probably have a higher priority than
more, although I don't know who gets to win the war over which editor is
best, although I suspect a vi varient on the grounds that that is what
happens on most unices.

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