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Re: leap second

jgoerzen@complete.org (John Goerzen)  wrote on 20.06.97 in <87u3ishjou.fsf@glockenspiel.complete.org>:

> What's the big deal?  Why would you have to update everything?  All
> you do is add an extra second to your system clock at the end of June
> and be done with it.  Or you don't.  Big deal.

That's when you use POSIX time. I said POSIX time was the way to go,  
didn't I?

So-called "real" (or was it "right"?) time is the problem, because the  
machine has to *know* about all leap seconds to get it right. With POSIX  
time, there's no need to know anything about leap seconds - which, after  
all, are completely unpredictable.

Also, non-POSIX time gets you the dreaded "timezone differs by a non- 
integral amount of minutes from GMT" (or whatever the exact wording is)  
from 822-date when you try to do a dpkg-buildpackage.

MfG Kai

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