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Re: Bug in Boot-Disk Package?

goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de (Goswin Brederlow)  wrote on 21.06.97 in <33AB36C3.6EE4@student.uni-tuebingen.de>:

> OK, it's unmounted then, but it should remount the drive if its
> untouched
> or ask if it should remount it. I'm not repartitioning the drive, but I
> had
> to change the types of the partitions, cause I can't do it easily from
> AmigaOS (I dunno the hex for LNX\0). The partition holding root is
> unchanged
> so remounting it would be harmless.

Of course, it can't know that.

In general, the kernel cannot reread the partition table when it has  
mounted something from that drive, even read-only, so the only proper  
choice after changing the partition table is to reboot.

You can re-mount the partition (mount -o remount,rw /), but the kernel  
will not know about any changes you made, which can be very dangerous.

The boot disks should probably force a reboot at that point.

> The reason why I did use a partition to hold root.bin was that I tried
> to
> install Debian with only 4 MB. With only 4 MB ram you don't have enough
> space
> the kernel and a ramdisk, so I used a spare partition for it. It works
> fine,
> except from the reboot I had to make to get root remounted again.

The low memory boot disk probably does the same thing on the x86.

MfG Kai

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