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Re: Hamm: Exim + Chos standard?

Chris Fearnley <cjf@netaxs.com> writes:

> If I might speculate on my "winning" sendmail configuration strategy:
> ignore the irrelevant (like rule sets).

Say you have three users who have accounts on your system, but their
primary accounts are elsewhere.  Now you want their email headers to
be rewritten by *sendmail* to appear to come from their other provider
so that it will be correct no matter what email client they use.

This took me quite a while to figure out in sendmail.  It requires (as
far as I could tell) rewrite rules at just the right places to catch
the relevant cases, both their fully qualified address, and their
abbrevated local address.

(I hear now there's a way to get sendmail to use a database for this,
but I haven't gotten that to work yet.)

> Hence I would appreciate it if the MTA debate could focus on design
> criteria other than ease of configuration.  I'm more interested in
> performance and design considerations that impact on security and
> the ability to configure (flexibility).

Ease of configuration can directly impact the likelihood that the
program will be set up properly, and hence be secure.


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