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Re: Hamm: Exim + Chos standard?

'Tim Cutts wrote:'
>On 14 Jun 1997, John Goerzen wrote:
>> Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org> writes:
>> > It might be good if we would replace smail in hamm with exim. Exim should 
>> > be the standard mailer for hamm:
>> Exim doesn't provide UUCP capabilities *at all*, thus it is rather
>> useless for sites that use UUCP (like me).  Right now, I am using
>> sendmail.  (What, BTW, is the reason for not using sendmail?)
>Well, for one thing exim (and smail) are a hell of a lot easier to
>configure than sendmail.  That was what originally moved me towards exim
>at work - I really didn't want to muck about fixing numerous broken
>sendmail setups when in far less time I could just switch all the machines

Could someone explain why people have so much trouble with sendmail
setups?  I've used sendmail commercially for several years now and the
only misconfigurations I've ever seen are with the Cw directive
(something which would need to be specified to any MTA).  Virtual
domain mail is tricky, but there are several web pages with
instructions on configuring this and it is not difficult if you can
follow instructions (even easier with 8.5).  Virtual domains are the
only reason to mess with rule sets and I freely admit to not having a
clue about rule sets.  Still I've never had problems with sendmail
because all the rule sets one needs are included in sample sendmail.cf
files.  Copy, paste, tweak -- it works!  /usr/sbin/sendmailconfig made
my life even easier (though as I said I never had trouble with sendmail
even though I never studied its config file).  OK, I admit to reading
through the well commented sendmail.cf and following the instructions
in the comments for several parameters, but this is not too difficult.

If I might speculate on my "winning" sendmail configuration strategy:
ignore the irrelevant (like rule sets).  The answer to all sendmail
problems is with the easily configured parts in /etc/mail.  grepping
through /usr/doc/sendmail also helps.

Hence I would appreciate it if the MTA debate could focus on design
criteria other than ease of configuration.  I'm more interested in
performance and design considerations that impact on security and
the ability to configure (flexibility).

Chris "Just flabbergasted that anyone finds sendmail troublesome" Fearnley

Christopher J. Fearnley          |  Linux/Internet Consulting
cjf@netaxs.com                   |  Design Science Revolutionary
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