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Re: File Locking

Karl, thanks for the nice summary!

On 16 Jun 1997, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:

> mis en place:
>  I know that there are several stand-alone programs for handling
> file-locking, and that the `procmail' package has a fairly good setup
> for that.  INND apparently does as well; as does `mgetty-fax'.
> `lockfile' --> procmail
> `shlock'   --> innd
> `newslock' --> mgetty-fax
>  There is also:  publib-0.26/liw/lockfile/*
> ** Publib looks like it might already be the library needing to be
> created that was mentioned earlier... or at least a very good start.

Thanks for pointing that out! I just had a look at "publib" and the
"lockfile.c" is really very concrete. (There is no documentation, though
:-( )

If we choose to go with "publib", someone would have to change the static
lib into a shared one, but this is quite easy.

> Q: Who will do the work?

This is really a good question. Don't we have a volunteer here on

> I am doubtful of my own ability to be of  much help...  I'd like to see
> what gets done by the programmer though.

If you are intrested in doing it, we don't care if you have experience or
not :-)

I'd really like to have some people start working on this. I don't have
much experience on this but I would try to get a first version
running--unless noone else volunteers.

Someone pointed out that it would be good to maintain this library as a
new "upstream library" (non-debian specific) so that others can use it too
(on other distributions or systems). Of course, we'd need a good upstream
maintainer for that.

So, if someone is intrested to help, please contact me!



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