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File Locking

 Everything I know about file locking[1], I've learned from the short
chapter on it in "Beginning Linux Programming" (WROX Press), part of a
chapter that I've only skimmed in "UNIX Systems Programming for
SYSVr4" (O'Reilly), and from the manual pages to `fcntl', `flock',
`lockf', `open', and `lockfile'.  There is doubtless information in
the "POSIX Programmer's Guide" (O'Reilly), also, but I've not started
that one yet.[2]

mis en place:

 I know that there are several stand-alone programs for handling
file-locking, and that the `procmail' package has a fairly good setup
for that.  INND apparently does as well; as does `mgetty-fax'.

`lockfile' --> procmail
`shlock'   --> innd
`newslock' --> mgetty-fax

 There is also:  publib-0.26/liw/lockfile/*

** Publib looks like it might already be the library needing to be
created that was mentioned earlier... or at least a very good start.

`sysid'    --> util-linux
libuuid.so --> libuuid

 It would seem to me that things like this could be gleaned from the
sources to many programs, and put together into a shared library.
That will take a lot of work, for certain.  What's in Midnight

Q: Who will do the work?  I am doubtful of my own ability to be of
much help...  I'd like to see what gets done by the programmer though.

 Did I miss anything?  I'm reading INND manuals today...  I want to
learn how to set up a news box, so I'm going to fill a partition with
a spool.  (I wonder if I'll have it working by dark?)

[1]  I'm a beginner C programmer... strike that.  Not programmer, but
code reader, or person who attempts to understand code. ;-)

[2]  It's someplace within a heap of books... the heap without
bookmarks stuck inside any of the first few chapters, yet.

Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@inetarena.com>
Portland, OR  USA
Debian GNU 1.3  Linux 2.1.36 AMD K5 PR-133

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