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Re: Installing XF86 3.3-1 crashed XEmacs 19.15-3

On 15 Jun 1997, Mark Eichin wrote:

> I've seen this reported elsewhere; if the xemacs maintainer has
> vanished, perhaps someone could grab the debian sources and rebuild a
> non-maintainer release using the 3.3 libs?  Or at least look into the
> problem? (Xemacs has more dependencies on X than emacs does -- the
> current emacs works fine with the 3.3 libs even though it was built
> against 3.2...)

Are 3.3 libs incompatible to 3.2 libs? If this "xf86-xemacs" problem is
due to the 3.2->3.3 change, we'll have to test the whole distribution
against such problems with XFree 3.3 before we include this into Debian

(Someone else stated that since X 3.3 is well tested, we only have to test
the "Debian packaging". This is definitely wrong then!)

Just my $0.02,


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