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Re: Hamm: Exim + Chos standard?

clameter@waterf.org (Christoph Lameter)  wrote on 12.06.97 in <Pine.LNX.3.96.970612213841.2641A-100000@waterf.org>:

> It might be good if we would replace smail in hamm with exim. Exim should
> be the standard mailer for hamm:
> - Exim is based on the same concepts as smail.
> - It is developed with newer concepts in mind
> - Exim is scalable from running from inetd to delivering hundredths of
>   thousands of messages a day
> - Exim has just one configuration file. eximconfig is the old smailconfig
>   script reworked. It is extremly easy to set up.
> - Active development is going on.
> - Support for a variety of mailbox formats including Maildir.
> - Has X interface
> - Well written documentation

Also, support for not doing relaying for third parties, which is highly  
appropriate in today's UCE-filled world. The last time I looked, sendmail  
could do it, too, but smail had severe problems in that area. Plus support  
for blocking specific mail several ways, also very useful.

> Also we might think about replacing lilo with chos as the standard boot
> loader from harddisk. lilo always is a difficulty for newbies, chos
> offers:
> - Menudriven Boot Loader (Cryptic Prompt only on demand)
> - Highly Customizable Color Menus.
> - Simple configuration in passwd style file /etc/chos.conf

If it's true that chos

+ can't hack bzimages
+ is not really free

then no way!

MfG Kai

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