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Re: Adding conffiles to a package

phil@fifi.org (Philippe Troin)  wrote on 12.06.97 in <199706121732.KAA31530@tantale.fifi.org>:

> I'm stuck with the diald package, and I've got problems with users
> from old versions. The thing is:
> the files /etc/diald/diald.ip-{up,down} weren't conffiles, and now
> they are.
> Installing a new version of diald where the ip-up/down scripts are
> conffiles on top of an old version where they weren't results in
> overwriting of the files.

I'd like to call that a dpkg bug. When a file is a conffile in either the  
new or the old package, dpkg ought to use conffile behaviour. Anything  
else is just too dangerous.


MfG Kai

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