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Re: inetd question

meskes@topsystem.de (Michael Meskes)  wrote on 12.06.97 in <199706120748.JAA13217@gauss.topsystem.de>:

> I get quite a lot of these messages:
> inetd[153]: ident/tcp server failing (looping), service terminated
> How can I tell which service is the one that's asked for too often?

I'd say it's ident/tcp :-)

I guess you're the second guy in this week (the other was a local co- 
admin) that sees "ident" or "identd" and reads "inetd".

> I tried tcplogd but all tcp requests logged are to auth and www-proxy both
> of which are not in /etc/inetd.conf. I don't know how auth is handled, is it

Actually, AFAIK, ident = auth.

> an internal service? www-proxy was added by myself and points to a squid
> daemon so inetd shouldn't get a hand on it, or does it?

Squid may well be related to those ident queries.

MfG Kai

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