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Re: Bug#10496: svgatextmode: missing getVGAreg, 600 permissions for samples

On Jun 11, Ricardas Cepas wrote
> Package: svgatextmode
> Version: 1.5-1
> get/setVGAreg is missing, 

They are missing because they are described by the author as "hacker" programs, 
not necessary for the functioning of the svgatextmode itself.  The comment in  
the source implies that you must be familiar with the source in order to use the
One option is to make a svgatextmode-utils package and include these 
utilities + utilities from contrib directory in the source that are currently 
not included in svgatextmode package.  However, even in that case, the binaries
would be distributed without any documentation (maybe I should put the 
source somewhere in /usr/doc/svgatextmode-utils ? ).  You are the first person 
to ask me about these, so I need some more feedback before I decide to make the 
svgatextmode-utils package.

BTW, here is the comment I was referring to:

 *** get/set VGAreg, a simple VGA register hacking program
   *** WARNING: since different SVGA cards use different extra address ranges in any
    *** of the register sets, no checking is done to make sure you don't attempt to change
     *** a non-existing register!
       *** This is just a hacking tool! Use at your own risk. It was NOT intended to be
        *** idiot proof! If you don't understand all this, then don't bother trying to
        use it.

>some files in samples/consoletools are readable
> only by the root.

This has already been reported, will fix in the next release coming up soon.

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