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Configuration (was: Re: How do we encourage bug reports?)

phil@hands.com (Philip Hands)  wrote on 11.06.97 in <1072.866019309@hands.com>:

> The problems that need to be solved are:
>   unpacking all the request scripts early enough to run them all before the
>   first pre-inst;
>   and making the request scripts able to diagnose what questions to ask,
>   when many other packages may not be installed yet.

It should probably work like this:

* Locate all packages to be installed (main, non-free, and so on)

* From each package, extract the configuration script [1]

* Run the configuration scripts [2]

* Unpack all the packages

* Configure all the packages

[1] It would be nice to have a special (very simple) configuration-getting  
script language for this. This allows us to do intelligent stuff with  
those files, such as ...

[2] ... include the possibilities to request that configuration info from:
   a. Existing configuration from an older version
   b. A prepared configuration database of some sort
   c. A dialog-like interface
   d. A nice X interface
   e. a braille-optimized line interface
   f. [fill in the blanks]

For some ideas, look at the kernel configuration, which already does a-e  
(well, ok, e is not really optimized for braille, but it's probably good  

The actual configuration in there looks like this - not quite what I  
envision, but getting there:

--- snip ---

# Network configuration
mainmenu_option next_comment
comment 'Networking options'
bool 'Network firewalls' CONFIG_FIREWALL
bool 'Network aliasing'  CONFIG_NET_ALIAS
bool 'TCP/IP networking' CONFIG_INET
if [ "$CONFIG_INET" = "y" ]; then
  source net/ipv4/Config.in
comment ' '
tristate 'The IPX protocol' CONFIG_IPX
if [ "$CONFIG_IPX" != "n" ]; then
  bool 'Full internal IPX network' CONFIG_IPX_INTERN
tristate 'Appletalk DDP' CONFIG_ATALK
bool 'Amateur Radio AX.25 Level 2' CONFIG_AX25
if [ "$CONFIG_AX25" = "y" ]; then
  bool 'AX.25 over Ethernet' CONFIG_BPQETHER
  bool 'Amateur Radio NET/ROM' CONFIG_NETROM
if [ "$CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL" = "y" ]; then
bool 'Kernel/User network link driver' CONFIG_NETLINK
if [ "$CONFIG_NETLINK" = "y" ]; then
  bool 'Routing messages' CONFIG_RTNETLINK

--- snip ---

MfG Kai

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