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Re: libc6 utmp and wtmp [Was: Re: official C library]

In article <gqvi3r51wa.fsf@netgod.net>,
Johnie Ingram <johnie@netgod.net> wrote:
>"Michael" == Michael Meskes <meskes@topsystem.de> writes:
>Michael> 1) utmp structure changed. I recompiled login for libc 6 so
>Michael> who works again.  But I still have problems accessing it (for
>Michael> instance with procps) or writing it (for instance xterm). I
>Michael> take it all binaries that access utmp have to be recompiled.
>Am I correct in thinking the major players to be synchronized here are
>shellutils (who), sysvinit (last), netstd (rsh), login, ppp, procps,
>wu-ftpd, and ssh?

Well, if the program that uses utmp is wellbehaved and uses getutent()
and friends, we could put a libc6-utmp emulation in libc5.

Then you just let libc6 conflict with libc5 <= 5.4.23-6 so that installing
libc6 forces an install of a libc5 with the emulation layer.

There are some programs though that read/write utmp not using the
library interface. Usually you can find them by running strings on the
program and checking for /var/run/utmp.

I don't know what to do about those, but they should be fixed for libc6
anyway so maybe we can fix them, recompile for libc5 and put them in
Debian-1.3.x. The programs that write to utmp are the worst, those are
probably just

	getty, in.rlogind, in.telnetd, pppd, sshd, rxvt, sessreg

>From my Debian-1.3 system:

** /sbin
getty: /var/run/utmp
init: /var/run/utmp	[harmless]
telinit: /var/run/utmp	[harmless]
syslogd: /var/run/utmp

** /usr/sbin
in.ntalkd: /var/run/utmp
in.rlogind: /var/run/utmp
in.talkd: /var/run/utmp
in.telnetd: /var/run/utmp
in.telnetd: /var/run/utmp
ipppd: /var/run/utmp
logoutd: /var/run/utmp
pppd: /var/run/utmp
rpc.rusersd: /var/run/utmp
rwhod: /var/run/utmp
sshd: /var/run/utmp

** /bin

** /usr/bin
lynx: /var/run/utmp
users: /var/run/utmp
w: /var/run/utmp
w: /var/run/utmp
wall: /var/run/utmp
who: /var/run/utmp
write: /var/run/utmp
zsh: /var/run/utmp

** /usr/bin/X11
rxvt: /var/run/utmp
sessreg: /var/run/utmp

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