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libc6 utmp and wtmp [Was: Re: official C library]

"Michael" == Michael Meskes <meskes@topsystem.de> writes:

Michael> 1) utmp structure changed. I recompiled login for libc 6 so
Michael> who works again.  But I still have problems accessing it (for
Michael> instance with procps) or writing it (for instance xterm). I
Michael> take it all binaries that access utmp have to be recompiled.

Is there going to be a target date for this to happen?

I just found that proftpd corrupts the wtmp beyond all recognition, as
far as "last" is concerned, when compiled for libc6.  Is this a Bug in
proftpd or in every other package on the system?  :-)

Am I correct in thinking the major players to be synchronized here are
shellutils (who), sysvinit (last), netstd (rsh), login, ppp, procps,
wu-ftpd, and ssh?

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