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Re: libc6 utmp and wtmp [Was: Re: official C library]

Miquel van Smoorenburg:
> In article <[🔎] gqvi3r51wa.fsf@netgod.net>,
> Johnie Ingram <johnie@netgod.net> wrote:
> >
> >Am I correct in thinking the major players to be synchronized here are
> >shellutils (who), sysvinit (last), netstd (rsh), login, ppp, procps,
> >wu-ftpd, and ssh?
> Well, if the program that uses utmp is wellbehaved and uses getutent()
> and friends, we could put a libc6-utmp emulation in libc5.
> Then you just let libc6 conflict with libc5 <= 5.4.23-6 so that installing
> libc6 forces an install of a libc5 with the emulation layer.
> There are some programs though that read/write utmp not using the
> library interface. Usually you can find them by running strings on the
> program and checking for /var/run/utmp.
> I don't know what to do about those, but they should be fixed for libc6
> anyway so maybe we can fix them, recompile for libc5 and put them in
> Debian-1.3.x. The programs that write to utmp are the worst, those are
> probably just
> 	getty, in.rlogind, in.telnetd, pppd, sshd, rxvt, sessreg
Well I have done a utmp wrapper for libc5 and am currently testing it. 
I was very reluctant to release it without heavy testing to unstable
but it should appear this weekend on master.

This changes the libc utmp functions.

glibc 2.1.x will have a utmp daemon that monitors accesses to utmp and serves
both old and new utmp formats. Until then we have to be careful of those
bad behaved programs that access utmp directly.
BTW, the same is true for lastlog but wihtout the benefit of existing
libc functinos to access it. Please take a look at my release notice
when they're available.


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