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Re: gdbm and libc6

 > 	I'm planning to package htdig, a www search engine
 > (http://htdig.sdsu.edu/). I have two questions :
 > 	- is someone already working on this package ?

Heh.  Just did it a couple of days ago -- I only now read your message.  :-)

 > 	- what is the status of lib gdbm and libc6 ? . Htdig uses gdbm
 > but libc6 provides db and sometime ago I'seen a post of Ulrich
 > Drepper (glibc maintener), he said that he was unable to find a
 > maintainer for ligdbm. So is gdbm offcialy dropped for hamm ?
 > should I port htdig to use db instead ?

Porting would be ideal, but it could be a lot of work because htdig
invents C++ classes that are designed for libgdbm.  But thankfully
htdig includes the full libgdbm source, so you don't have to wait for
a libc6 libgdbm.

I was pleasantly surprised that the whole thing can compile under
libc6 with no dependencies other than libc6 itself.

And then later I learned that I needn't have worried, since there is
indeed a version of libg++27 for libc6.  :-)

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