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Re: 1.3 installation report

> > The fix is very simple: ctrl-alt-F1; log in as root;  shadowconfig off;
> > return to x and log in normally. But you do have to know this.. and there
> > is no warning when installing shadow or xdm.
> Arrrghhh!
> I spent two hours yesterday (past midnite) on the phone with a client 
> trying to figure out how we messed up the xdm install.

Just in case you are under the impression that xdm doesn't support shadow, I 
thought I'd clear it up a bit.  You can get shadow and xdm to work by doing 

  shadowconfig off
  shadowconfig on

So what's happening here ?

The xdm package contains two binaries (xdm & xdm-shadow), the default 
/etc/init.d/xdm invokes xdm, but shadowconfig edits this to be xdm-shadow when 
you run shadowconfig on.

The reason you see the problem, is that xdm gets installed after shadow, so 
shadowconfig doesn't get a chance to tweak the startup script.

As it happens xdm-shadow works fine on non-shadow systems, so I believe the 
maintainer has (or is about to) uploaded a copy where xdm and xdm-shadow are 
the same (shadow enabled) binary.

>From shadowconfig itself:
    # xdm-shadow works fine with non-shadowed systems also, so it's
    # not necessary to reverse this in shadowoff

Cheers, Phil.

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