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Re: the ncurses "brushfire" -- anybody want to take over the project?

Message from Joey Hess (joey@kite.ml.org) on 6-3-97:
> Jim Pick:
> > dselect (our package selection tool) will have to be rewritten to use 
> > some other library.  This will probably take some time, though.  I'm
> > not sure how we will resolve having the core of our packaging system
> > dependent on a "non-free" package.  Maybe we're going to have to 
> > strip dselect out of the dpkg package, and put it into a separate
> > package to go into the "contrib" directory.  Ugly.
> Perhaps it can be ported to use slang. Slang has some slcurses.h file that
> is supposed to emulate cureses to some degree. This might make a good quick
> fix while we're waiting on longer-term things like diety.

Even if we decide that ncurses is okay to use, it still would be a good
thing to compile dselect with slang curses emulation.  This would allow me
to resize my terminal window on the fly, rather than attempting to do
this, and then having to quit and restart every time.  

Right now dselect is the only program I use in Debian that runs in a
terminal window that can't be on the fly resized (xterm windows
mainly....)  Programs that can be resized include mutt and lynx (slang
ncurses emulation...); slrn and jed (slang); less, and xemacs (proprietary
stuff I guess...)

Anyone know how to do slang curses emulation?  My impression is nothing
needs to be rewritten...but maybe I'm wrong...

(Now that I think about it, the program "top" is another offender that it
would be nice to figure out someway to make it so the xterm-window can
resize it.)

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