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Re: Debian's "Modify & Redistribute" Policy (was: the ncurses

Brian White:
> I personally believe that Debian should relax
> this requirement about non-modifiable & redistributable code not being
> suitable for the primary distribution.  I've never seen how it helps any
> cause other than sticking a finger in the eye of those who might like
> to keep some medium of control over their work.

Bruce Perens:
> We can't allow it because it prohibits ports, and it prohibits bug-fixes.

From: "Eric S. Raymond" <esr@snark.thyrsus.com>
> And this IMO is an entirely cogent and reasonable objection.
> Fortunately there is a way to solve this problem within the Debian license
> constraints.  See paragraph 1 of the license constraints in the "Social
> Contract" and consider the implications.

Eric is implying here that he is satisfied to allow modification as long
as he has the guarantee of trace-ability. Paragraph 1 allows you to
prohibit modification of a source file as long as that file can
be distributed along with patch files that modify the source at build
time. If the work of people like Tom Dickey is contained in a patch file,
you can easily point to who has made the modification, and you can see the
original source provided by Eric and Zeyd.

I think this brings us to a resolution of the situation. I've asked for
a specific permission similar to paragraph 1 in their license.


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