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Re: 1.3 installation report

> I did find a serious problem after rebooting (ok, I could probably have
> done this more subtle) the machine to start xdm. From reading several
> debian related lists I already knew that xdm will break with shadow
> passwords. However, I doubt if everyone who just installed debian 1.3 will
> realize that it is this combination that prevents him/her from logging in.
> The fix is very simple: ctrl-alt-F1; log in as root;  shadowconfig off;
> return to x and log in normally. But you do have to know this.. and there
> is no warning when installing shadow or xdm.


I spent two hours yesterday (past midnite) on the phone with a client 
trying to figure out how we messed up the xdm install.

This flaw needs to be publicized a bit more.  I'm sure I would have 
figured out the problem via the bug system eventually - but I shouldn't
have to do that.

Is there a document where "Errata" can go?  How about a release-specific 
FAQ that we can update after 1.3 has been release?  I can think of
a number of questions that could go onto it.  This could be prominently 
featured on the web site and the ftp server.


 - Jim

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