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Re: cygwin.dll license (was Re: FreeQt ?)

> On Jun 2, Jim Pick wrote
> > Just so you understand why I'm so interested - I'm working on porting dpkg
> > to cygwin32.
> Porting or re-implementing?  If it's a port, dpkg is already under
> gpl, so cygwin32 being under gpl shouldn't be an issue.  [Even if
> it wasn't, I don't understand how a gpl'd dll could be considered
> a problem.]

That's true.  I was just thinking about all the packages that use it.
It's worth doing, even if Cygnus doesn't want to LGPL their license.
At least we could port the 1000+ packages in the main distribution.
The non-free stuff would be questionable.

Let's kill this thread - I made my point - ie. "just 'cause it's GPL'd doesn't
automatically make it as 'free' as humanly possible".  

When I actually get dpkg to work, we can start up a new mailing list, and 
continue the discussion there.


 - Jim

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