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Re: FreeQt ?

On Jun 1, Galen Hazelwood wrote
> My understanding was that if a shared library is GPL'd rather than
> LGPL'd, linking commercial programs against it is illegal unless you
> provide source.  The LGPL removes that restriction, and that's why glibc
> (as well as libg++) uses the LGPL.

Static linking (where you wind up distributing part of the GPL'd
library with your software) is much more significant, from a
copyright point of view than dynamic linking (where you don't
need to distribute a copy of the library).

Of course, distributing a copy of the library might still be
pretty desirable, in which case you you need to pay attention
various license details covering such things.  Here, it might
be good to distribute your code in a fashion where you own
the interfaces (e.g. freely distribute a wrapper for the library
and code to the wrapper, or write a library replacement and
make sure your code runs against it).

Commercial software can earn you some money, but sometimes
it involves a bit of work...


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