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Re: FreeQt ?

From: Mark Eichin <eichin@cygnus.com>
> As for OSS -- I had the impression that if I submitted patches to make
> the modules *accept* command line arguments, they wouldn't be
> included.  But yeah, if they're straight GPL'ed that's good enough; I
> could still distribute such patches even if they weren't included.

The problem is that Hannu's deliberately handicapping the kernel sound
drivers so that he can sell a commercial product. It's a really bad
precedent. OK, I understand Hannu wrote the drivers, but aren't you glad
that Linus doesn't sell a non-free "power Linux" and reserve features for
his commercial version?

Someone who wanted to put the effort into supporting the drivers and could
convince Linus to go along could probably change the situation - I hope such
a person comes along.


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