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Re: Where is the mysql package?

Well, the upshot of it is, the mysql package is *not* appearing in the
packages file, and hasnt for a long time now.  I am grateful that someone
told me the exact url where to find it, but god, lots of people must just
assume we dont have it.

Thanks again.

On 27 May 1997, Kai Henningsen wrote:
> The Packages files should not see the difference.
> That is, they should be set up for some directory so that <dir>/<dist>/ 
> binary-* is the place for the binaries, which is true for the new dists/ 
> <version> directory as well as for the /debian root for stable and frozen,  
> and only for the new directory for unstable (since unstable no longer uses  
> shared-for-all-versions contrib and non-free directories, but instead has  
> version-specific ones.
> (Where dist=main/contrib/non-free, and version=stable/frozen/unstable.  
> Also, the old version has main named stable/frozen/unstable instead.)

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