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Re: Where is the mysql package?

schizo@simons-rock.edu (Clint Adams)  wrote on 26.05.97 in <[🔎] 199705262009.QAA21855@ppp29.early.com>:

> > Which installation method are you using in dselect? In think you have to
> > specify the directory "debian/dists/unstable" as base directory and select
> > distributions "main", "contrib", and "non-free".
> This would be nice, but the Packages files seem to be set up for /debian to
> be the base directory.

The Packages files should not see the difference.

That is, they should be set up for some directory so that <dir>/<dist>/ 
binary-* is the place for the binaries, which is true for the new dists/ 
<version> directory as well as for the /debian root for stable and frozen,  
and only for the new directory for unstable (since unstable no longer uses  
shared-for-all-versions contrib and non-free directories, but instead has  
version-specific ones.

(Where dist=main/contrib/non-free, and version=stable/frozen/unstable.  
Also, the old version has main named stable/frozen/unstable instead.)

MfG Kai

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