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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

On 27 May 1997, Mark Eichin wrote:

| while it would be interesting to perhaps do a 1.3.1 or a 1.4 with
| other features, there has to be pressure against doing anything to 1.3
| other than what qa wants to do to get it out the door.  We can't make
| every release perfect; in fact, we can't make *any* release
| perfect... but we can try to set some goals and meet them.  Debian 1.3
| is probably closer to doing that than any previous debian release; I
| hope I don't see it get derailed now...

I wasn't talking really about 'other features' - just some more cosmetic
bug fixes, but you're right, it'll never be perfect, so it's probably best
to just get it out the door.

| One added complexity is that building a 1.3.1 or 1.4 will be made
| somewhat more difficult by the developers migrating to libc6 in order
| to get working on Debian 2.0; I've certainly started in that direction
| (though I will probably keep one machine at or near 1.3 as long as is
| practical.)  Certainly the next X release I do, and probably the next
| Emacs release after that, will require libc6...

There were 1.1.xx, there were 1.2.0-15, there will be a Debian 1.3.1, at
least if the precedent holds true.  If our current goal is to get 1.3 out
the door ASAP notwithstanding the known cosmetic bugs, then, would it not
be prudent to hold off on burning CD's untill we catch up with some of
these cosmetic bugs in 1.3.1? 

Once again, I am new to this, and maybe what I am saying doesn't make
sense - if so, kindly tell me and I'll be quiet:-) 

David Welton   
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