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Re: Where is the mysql package?

On Sun, 25 May 1997, Christian Schwarz wrote:

> The package is in hamm/non-free/binary-i386/devel . I don't know why Guy
> put it into "devel". 

hmmm.  is that the libs that are in devel? I must have been thinking more
along the lines of a front end...  and xmysql depends on xlib6 or
something like that... whatever it is, it wont config correctly without
also, the libs seem to be only for perl, and are in section interpreter.  
nothing in devel. hopefully, some C/C++ accessible libs are in the works?
=) (lotsa people use tcl/tk with mysql instead of the Excel + VB combo....
be nice if this was set up for us in debian :>)

> Good to here from someone using my package :-) I'll upload a newer version
> (3.20.19-gamma) soon, so if you have any suggestions how to improve the
> package, just tell me.

Yep.  How about a verbose mode that tells you when you connect, or if it
cant, says so, and then when its done, prints xxx bytes downloaded in yyy
seconds, at foo kb/s.

something like:
$ snarf -v http://linuxos.org/index.html
connected to linuxos.org:80
getting file...
got 63K in 45 seconds at 1.4K/s

How about it, huh? =)


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