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Re: timezone bug is _critical_

Mark Eichin <eichin@cygnus.com> writes:

> bcwhite> You have 10 days to get this fixed which is more than enough time.
> bcwhite> If people would stop complaining about how it should be critical and
> Alright; does anyone object to me taking 7.55-1, backing out this
> patch to the makefile:

>  # POSIX mandates that leap seconds not be counted; for compatibility with it,
>  # use either "posix_only" or "posix_right".

> -REDO=		posix_right
> +REDO=		right_only

> and uploading to frozen and unstable as 7.55-1.1? Let me know by
> midnight eastern tonight.  (I'd offer to take over the package, but
> if libc6 subsumes it that would be unnecessary...)

I actually already fixed it, and uploaded it as 7.55-2.  (Didn't know
about the 1.1 convention until after I uploaded it.)

BTW, backing the change out of the makefile has no effect.  The
timezones are generated in the debian/rules script.

Fernando, there was a critical bug in your timezone package that
needed to be fixed before the release of bo.  I fixed it with a simple
change to the rules file and uploaded the new version as 7.55-2.
Please take a look at my changes. (The diff file is in Incoming on
master.)  I changed it so it generates both real and posix timezones
and made the posix ones default).

If you don't have time to continue maintaining timezone, I'd be happy
to take over (I don't think it will be needed for hamm); otherwise,
it's still yours.


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