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Re: timezone bug is _critical_

>>>>> "BW" == Brian White <bcwhite@verisim.com> writes:

    BW: I _want_ this to get fixed, but I'm not going to punish 200+
    BW: other maintainers who did get their packages done on time for
    BW: a 20 second error that most people won't even notice.

I noticed this when exploring, why my clock is too late.  It wasn't
very easy to find that the reason is 20 seconds error when performing
`clock -au' every midnight.

I think this bug could have bad influence on Debian reputation (I can
imagine people laughing "Debian?  This doesn't even know, what time it
is!").  As I've understood, it will be corrected in hamm by using
libc6.  So I vote for any *simple* (not necessarily cleanest)
correction of it for bo.  Better some not absolutely good solution
than leaving the bug around.

Milan Zamazal

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