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Hi, I have been experimenting with the packaging system and lurking here
for a bit, and now I'm starting to put something together.

The program I would like to package is ircii-EPIC3.004.  This presents me
with a bit of confusion concerning the numbering system.  This is a
'hacked' irc client, an offshoot of the main development, that happens to
work quite well.  I'm sort of curious how I ought to number it.  For now I
left it alone, as it's the only one I use, and it regards the current
'real' irc as an older version (ircii-2.9.3roof), so, it works.  The
problem is that they are both 'ircii'.  I suppose I could call 'mine'
irciiepic, but...blech, it seems sort of ugly:-)  Is this the only way to


David Welton   
davidw@efn.org  davidw@freenet.hut.fi  http://www.efn.org/~davidw 
Se quest'email e` in Italiano, mi dispiace per gli errori:-) FORZA PANTANI!

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