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modutils/modules problems

I have got rid of most of my modules configuration, but I have a few

Firstly, I have both a "modules" and a "modutils" file in /etc/init.d. 
Which one of these should be deleted? The only difference between the
files is the redirection in modutils in this line:
  depmod -a > /dev/null

>From bug 8897 it seems as if it should be modutils. If it is "modules"
then (same as bug 9058):
running 'find /etc/ |xargs grep "modutils"|less' produces an empty list.
running 'find /etc/ |xargs grep "modules"|less' produces this:
  [many entries removed]
  /etc/init.d/modules:# /etc/init.d/modules: loads the appropriate modules
  in `boot'.
  /etc/init.d/modutils:# /etc/init.d/modules: loads the appropriate
  modules in `boot'.
  /etc/init.d/boot:if [ -x /etc/init.d/modules ]
  /etc/init.d/boot:  /etc/init.d/modules start
  /etc/init.d/kerneld:# (see /usr/doc/modules)

The other problem I had was that /lib/modules/modules.dep was a
zero-length file, the bit in /etc/init.d/modu{les,tils} only checks for
the file existing. I deleted the file and reran the init.d script which
then recreated the modules.dep file.

Finally it would be nice to have a *BIG MESSAGE* informing the user to
change their /etc/conf.modules file if they need to. 


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