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Re: New section cdrom-able (?)

On Thu, 24 Apr 1997, Enrique Zanardi wrote:

> > > I don't think this is worth the trouble. The non-free section is thought
> > > for packages that are not free according to our interpretation of "free".
> > > This does not mean that all programs in the section cannot be placed on a
> > > CD-ROM. Instead, the CD-ROM vendors can check all licenses of the programs
> > > in non-free and decide themselves if they want to include it or not.
> > > So if zip/unzip is not "free" just put it into non-free.
> >  Ok. The problem are the CDROM makers that don't take the time to do this,
> > they exclude the whole section. This is bad for Debian, because people
> > says: "Debian has no Java! RH does!"
> Answer: Debian has, your CD don't. Buy a better CD. :-)

 I knew that someone would say this.. =)

> >  The other problem is the Packages.gz file. dselect would show packages
> > that aren't included in the CD.. You can't ask CDROM vendors to run
> > dpkg-scanpackages.
> >  I vote for having such a section...
> We should not base our decisions in the lazyness of _some_ CD makers.
> If vendor A sells a Debian distribution without non-free and
> vendor B sells another with part of non-free, people will choose 
> the best offer, just let them know. Is the same thing with the non-US
> section and non-US vendors. Some of them include it, some don't.
> Must we teach them how to make their products?

 We have to make their lives easier. The final product users evaluate
includes the CDROM! We should try to cooperate with vendors in order to
have a better distribution, as well as uniform through vendors. One
step in that direction is creating an Official Debian CD. And yes, we
should teach how to make a Debian CD, and yes.. we should do all we can to
encourage non-us CDROM makers to include non-us software.

 Perhaps splitting non-us isn't the best approach, perhaps somebody could
create a list of packages that are safe to include and put that list in a
README.vendors... (We would then need a Packages-nonus-cdrom.gz).

Nicolás Lichtmaier.-

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