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Re: man errors

Mathieu Guillaume wrote:
> On Sat, 19 Apr 1997, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
> > Darn.   What it was, was the output from the man command showing a
> > pile of pages that it cannot find.  I'm wondering if I should `bug`
> > on each one...  I guess that's the only way.  It will take 45
> > minutes to do it.
> I see a lot of those too.
> I believe most (if not all) of those dangling symlinks are symlinks to
> undocumented.7.gz. Unfortunately, 'man' sometimes unzips the gz files
> when you read them, so undocumented.7.gz becomes undocumented.7 and
> the symlinks now point to a non-existing file, which is why you see
> those messages.

man doesn't change files in the "source" dirs like /usr/man/man?
What you see are troff .so links pointing to an uncompressed file (but
the file probably is compressed).
Debian's policy mandates (or suggests?) to change those .so requests to
a real symlink and debstd does it automatically (AFAIK).

The problem for undocumented is a little bit complicated and (as I
remember) there was a decision to keep both (compressed and not) in bo
(1.3) to let users live with older packages, but to raise bugs for hamm.

Anyway, the errors that Karl noticed affects only whatis parsing, not
man page access (which works well).

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