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Re: man errors

On Apr 19, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote
> I just checked, and it hasn't been `bug` reported.  I will do that if 
> I can find out how to cause `man` to produce the error messages, so I
> can catch them to send.  Do you know the formula?

You can ask mandb to regenerate its database... Or you can just ask me for
a list. :) The latest manpages version provides both undocummented.7 and
undocummented.7.gz. The errors that remain (on my system, at least) are:

Package mdutils:
/usr/man/man8/mdrun.8 -> mdadd.8
/usr/man/man8/mdstop.8 -> mdadd.8
/usr/man/man8/mdop.8 -> mdadd.8

Package ircii:
/usr/man/man1/irc.1.gz -> ircII.1.gz

Since we don't have the same set of packages installed, you might want to
have a look at broken packages on your system too. To regenerate the man-db
database, just do "mandb -c" and it'll print out a list of all the
errors. But as I said, before doing that, you want to install the latest
version of the manpages package (1.15-4, I believe)...



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