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Re: names and addresses for maintainers

> I propose that ALL maintainers be forced to use their debian.org
> e-mail address for all entries in Debian material, e.g. package
> files and documentation. Maintainers can then set up a .forward
> from the debian.org account to wherever they wish.

Which would be fine if that actually works.  I have never been able to receive 
mail via debian.org -- .forward file or no.

> Maintainers should also use the same form for their name as it makes
> it easier to write scripts.
> Any packages submitted that don't comply will be automatically rejected.
> Anyone see any problems this will cause that are worse than the
> current situation?

Frankly, I don't see any problem at all.  There can be good reasons for people 
using different addresses for different packages -- particularly if they 
develop one package on one machine and another package on another.  It would 
likely be easiest to receive mail about a given package at the machine on 
which they develop it.  (Eg, somebody may work on games at home and mail 
programs at work.)

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