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names and addresses for maintainers

There are currently a number of maintainers that have their
name (not that big a deal) and e-mail address listed multiple
ways in their packages. This causes a number of problems which
have been brought up before. Some of them are minor, like the
current problem of people having multiple listings in the people
web page, but they can be serious, like addresses becoming dated.

I propose that ALL maintainers be forced to use their debian.org
e-mail address for all entries in Debian material, e.g. package
files and documentation. Maintainers can then set up a .forward
from the debian.org account to wherever they wish.

Maintainers should also use the same form for their name as it makes
it easier to write scripts.

Any packages submitted that don't comply will be automatically rejected.
Anyone see any problems this will cause that are worse than the
current situation?

- Sue

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