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Re: names and addresses for maintainers

On Apr 12, John Goerzen wrote
> > I propose that ALL maintainers be forced to use their debian.org
> > e-mail address for all entries in Debian material, e.g. package
> > files and documentation. Maintainers can then set up a .forward
> > from the debian.org account to wherever they wish.
> Which would be fine if that actually works.  I have never been able to
> receive mail via debian.org -- .forward file or no.

On master.debian.org (and debian.novare.com), it's a .qmail file that
controls mail delivery to your account, not a .forward file. What's your
.qmail file like on master? It should look like this if you want your mail
forwarded elsewhere:


Replace 'foo' by your userid on master and me@my... by your other email
address. If you want to have email delivered locally instead of forwarded,
just uncomment the first line and comment the second. See qmail-command(5)
for more info on .qmail files.


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